Can You Reduce Change Orders AND Keep Your People “Cool”?

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You and your people matter just as much as your facility productivity and efficiency. On its own, a facility is a big structure … it’s a building, and just like any building constrained to a working budget, part of your facility’s purpose is to provide shelter and to protect the valuable assets housed within.

We’re talking about your human capital. Think about it, keeping people comfortable within your facility impacts your bottom line. Why? Updating a facility can be very costly, and change orders mid-construction are even more of a money grab. A facility design review is the proactive way to protect yourself from costly change orders.

Here’s what we know to be true: Keeping your people comfortable does NOT have to break the bank! Trust us. All you need to do is hire an expert Commissioning Provider to complete a design review. A Commissioning Provider provider uses engineering principles and expertise to perform a design review in lieu of only focusing on constructability and maintenance.


A Design Review Story: Cool and Collectedr4xc41oerv

Synergy completed a design review for a tower in Grand Rapids, Michigan, without ever stepping foot on the job site. In our review, we located an undersized chiller plant; the chiller is what is used to keep the facility cool and comfortable. We spotted the flaw in design and updated the plans to include two chillers, a cooling tower, and pumps prior to construction. If the building owner would have completed the project with the original plan, the inevitable updates for the insufficient chiller would have cost $5-7 million. Our design review saved them big money up front.

With our help, the building owner avoided an uncomfortable situation and the need to take legal action against the design team for consumption of contingency.

The condition of your facility, and the comfort of the people who spend their working days or recovery moments within its walls, has a direct impact on (a) their happiness, productivity, and satisfaction, and (b) your facility design and bottom line.


In an ideal world, Synergy should be hired in the design phase of your construction project. If you are already into the building process, a design review is still valuable. Just consider our design review story and the monetary savings gained because of the change to just one design flaw!

At Synergy, we guarantee we can save you at least $10,000 by hiring one of our Commissioning Providers to issue a design review. Synergy even has MEP Engineers and commissioning agents who will provide a higher level review to meet your facility needs.

Stay cool … Be proactive and think long term! Ask yourself, how will this facility design impact the people who will work/live/shelter here? How will this facility design meet the needs of the purpose of the facility? There’s no need to waste valuable time and money on mid-construction or year over year change orders! Hire a Commissioning Provider to conduct a design review and save.