Build, Test, Train, Repeat: The Synergy Process to Reduce Callbacks

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Just like a vehicle, a facility must be tested for performance before, during, and after a building project.


A car and a facility share a number of similarities. Consider Toyota Motor Company. Similar to a building, each car goes through a lengthy process from design, to modeling, to manufacturing, to testing. The difference between a car and a building is in the “product” to consumer phase.

For Toyota, only after testing is complete are vehicles available in the lot for the consumer to test drive and ultimately buy. But, testing for a facility is done before, during, and even after the handoff from a contractor to the facility managers and owners.


The best buildings are those that have gone through a rigorous testing process – looking for insecurities,
unique features, and the like – so adjustments can be made before handoff. Or, in most cases, so that the facilities managers and owners are aware of the nuances of their building before the commissioning provider and contractors finalize the handoff.

Why focus on testing? We hinted at this topic in our recent blog posts including Making a Happy “Marriage” of Facility Handoff, Occupancy and/or Turn Over, as well as in our continued focus on the importance of hiring a Commissioning Provider. We see the value in saving you money and reducing callbacks by utilizing a process of Build, Test, Repeat to save you cash and headaches in the long run.

For example, if you’re in a hospital and have never done a “pull the plug” test – cutting incoming power to the building to verify that the building will continue to function as needed – you can’t be sure how your facility will operate in emergency mode. Was everything installed properly? Here’s another way to think of it: You wouldn’t buy an untested car willingly, would you? The same goes for your building project.


One way to reduce callbacks is to ensure things are installed with operation maintenance in mind. What are the goals? What are the needs? What can be done to test, and retest, before handoff? Our experts understand this process and own it.


Not only do we encourage testing and inspecting, we train your facility people to know how to use each feature, each nuance, and how to run their own diagnostics so they do NOT need to spend money on callbacks.

When you hire a Commissioning Provider, you can be sure that everything in the facility is being tested to ensure quality and maintenance standards. This expert becomes your quality control. And, this person becomes a building owner’s best advocate for getting the job done right.

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