The 3 P’s: People People People

Don’t miss a thing!

At Synergy, working with and for people is how we reach success.


Synergy is driven by a passion for engineering and a purpose of pushing facility operations to a new level on every project from start to finish. Our biggest asset is our people – both our team and our clients.


People Build Relationships

At Synergy, we are more than a team. We are a family of experts who thrive on idea generation, process, and project completion. We are there for one another every step of the way. And, we’re not afraid to pull away from the mundane of the work day to play a little basketball, try our pin-dropping skills at the bowling alley, or sport goggles and gear at the paintball field.

Part of being in a family is time well spent. Actively engaging is key to our organizational culture and success. The time where we have the opportunity to grow in our relationships, build our interconnectedness and synergize as a team is paramount to who we are and what we do. See what we did there?!


People Honor Peers and Partners

At Synergy, we understand the need for peer participation and strong client bonds. We provide our team the opportunity to discover additional strengths and then communicate those strengths out in all that they do.

Synergy would not be what it is today without the people who work for it and the people we provide services and solutions for. We appreciate our people. And, we appreciate our clients. Period.


People Listensynergy listens

Listen first, then respond. It is as simple as that. At Synergy, we want to hear from our engineers, and our clients about projects, process, what is going well, what is lagging behind, needs, and expectations. It is with an open dialogue that we are able to fully provide the best services and support to help facilities maximize performance.

We don’t talk over you and we don’t put words in your mouth. Our motto is listen first, then respond. That way, in client relationships we gain their perspective before we are even considering what solutions are best. And in peer relationships, we understand where our team members are coming from in order to gain a better vantage point to collaboration and solutions.


At Synergy, we put our people first. From our team, to our peers, to our clients and our partners, relationships, honor, and listening matter to how we treat and interact with our People. Visit our Careers page to learn more.