Facility Engineering Metrics

Understanding how your building is intended to operate and be maintained is the first step in sound design engineering. Metrics relate to Architectural and Facility Engineering, so establishing measurable operational metrics and designing to those goals is key to successful building performance.


The Key to Your Success is Metrics

Synergy maximizes building performance by helping facility owners and operators establish clear goals. Then, we test and validate performance metrics against established benchmarks. By helping to determine what priorities you should be focused on, and establishing measurable goals, we can help accomplish your objectives.


We Design Systems with Your Whole Building in Mindstocksnap_y59p4uhq3p

Goals or metrics on the front end of a building improvement initiative or new facility are related to maintenance and operations, energy, sustainability, compliance, and building occupants´ safety and comfort. When we´re brought in to look at a facility or talk with facility managers and owners, we think about how we can support and help relieve operational pain points. Since 80% of a building´s lifecycle costs are related to operations, impacting this cost can provide significant immediate and long-term return on investment. Additionally, we provide metrics and goals for the entire team — including outside design engineering firms or contractors involved in the project, measuring performance from the day design is started to the day we turn it over to facility operators.


As Your Design Partner, We Leverage Cutting-Edge Technology

Our best-in-class technology drives efficiency and delivers data-driven insights. After we help our clients establish metrics on the front end, our team of subject-matter experts and engineers measures them throughout the process, especially on the back end of a project. Synergy´s full spectrum of services and capabilities are designed to enhance operational efficiency, quality control, and risk management. Once benchmarks and metrics have been established, our Facility Performance Engineering experts put boots on the ground at the project site to assure established goals are achieved.


Everything You Need to Get Your Project Done is Here

Performance Metrics, Data Analysis, Testing, Design/BIM, System Installation, Commissioning, Performance Monitoring — all are service components that fall under our expertise. All our solutions begin with stepping back and looking at what your true goals are, then helping to coach or train your key players in their part in achieving those goals. From strategic Master Planning and Architectural Engineering to Facility Performance Engineering, Facility Compliance & Risk Assessments and Building Systems Testing & Monitoring, we guarantee your project will receive the utmost personal attention from start to finish, because serving our clients is our number one goal.


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Our powerful combination of people, technology, services, and metrics drive high-performance buildings. As your Strategic Partner in exceptional facility performance, we´ll deliver intelligent, healthy facilities that exceed your expectations. CONTACT US TODAY.