Facility Planning Standards & Training

When creating a strategic master plan for a newly constructed or renovated building, the best approach is keenly focused on metrics and goals. Synergy´s team of subject matter experts and engineering professionals deliver a strategic, measurable approach to master planning standards and training for Healthcare Facilities, Research Laboratories, and Educational Institutions who need to upgrade aging and overextended equipment, or build new cost-saving and energy-efficient alternatives.

Higher Standards, Superior Results

Since 2005, clients have relied on Synergy’s whole building approach, our expert understanding of building systems, and passionate commitment to occupant needs. We partner directly with owners and operators of public- and private-sector facilities right from the start, helping to establish clear performance benchmarks, metrics, and goals for their project and then we help accomplish them.


Metrics Establish a Comprehensive Strategy

Defining project goals for maximizing present and future building performance helps you design with focused purpose, achieve superior building systems operation, and collaborate effectively from project start to finish. One of the ways we help our clients do this efficiently and cost effectively is by utilizing our proprietary Oculus OPR app during the project planning phase. Facility owners and operators, design professionals, contractors and other key stakeholders submit and share data quickly and easily from any computer, tablet, or mobile device via our web-based technology  in their own time and from any location. Built-in reporting tools then collate the data, rank all responses, and produce PDF versions of the reports. This prioritized list becomes the heart of the OPR document, to be distributed back to the owner and included in the final OPR report.


Synergy´s Full-Service Solutions include:


Everything You Need to Complete Project is Here

All our services begin with understanding what your true goals are, then we help coach or train key players in areas they haven´t been exposed to. From strategic Facility Planning Standards & Training to Architectural Engineering, Facility Performance EngineeringFacility Compliance & Risk Assessments and Building Systems Testing & Monitoring services, we guarantee your project will receive the utmost personal attention from start to finish, because serving clients is our number one goal.


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Our powerful combination of people, technology, services, and metrics drive high-performance buildings. As your Strategic Partner in exceptional facility performance, we´ll deliver intelligent, healthy facilities that exceed your expectations. CONTACT US TODAY.

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