Facility Performance Engineering

Synergy´s Facilities Engineering Group has deep expertise in a wide variety of specialized conditions in the indoor environment. Our team of multidisciplinary experts deliver a performance-based, measurable approach to building assessments, monitoring, management, and maintenance for owners and operators of Healthcare Facilities, Research Laboratories, and Educational Institutions, resulting in a full spectrum of innovative solutions and substantial savings across the life of the project. We also take hands-on responsibility for our clients´ ongoing electrical engineering, maintenance, environmental, health, safety, energy, controls/instrumentation, civil engineering, and HVAC system needs.

Synergy is a Leader in the Commissioning Industry

In facilities that are being designed, refurbished, or under construction, our certified commissioning process reduces the amount of rework required, shrinks project punch lists, improves systems performance, lowers project cost, and improves project delivery. Existing operating systems offer the greatest opportunity for reduced energy use and improved efficiency. Through the systematic evaluation of building systems, optimization, and implementation of low-cost/no cost measures targeted to reduce demand and energy, the higher degree of analysis yields the greatest return on investment (ROI).


Here’s How We Help You Streamline

Our technology specialists are as plugged in as you can get in this evolving field. Leveraging Building Systems Monitoring software proactively helps detect and avoid performance events in real time, diagnoses and reveals correlations that can help fine-tune infrastructure and make more informed forecasting decisions about the impact infrastructure has on the business over time. Integrating BIM in the building lifecycle management process streamlines facility management. As the project is being turned over for occupancy, facility management can be significantly improved by utilizing the systems information in the Revit Model to jump-start maintenance management.


Higher Standards, Superior Results 

During building commissioning and facility assessments, we work very closely with the owner, facility manager, and construction project managers. We establish benchmarks, create metrics, and follow trusted processes that help the whole team meet objectives. Our process includes the use of cloud-based collaborative software to manage quality control and system performance documentation. This provides coordinated systems and flows of information that can be easily shared among owners and facility managers as well as with other engineers at any time, from wherever they are. Once the construction is complete and systems go into operation, our facilities engineers work directly with maintenance crews to establish an ongoing program of comprehensive operational performance by utilizing Building Systems Monitoring Technology(link to http://synergy-engineers.com/building-systems/) and optimizing their Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).


Synergy’s Full-Service Solutions include:


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All our services begin with understanding what your true goals are, then we help coach or train key players in areas they haven´t been exposed to. From strategic Facility Planning Standards & Training to Architectural Engineering, Facility Performance Engineering, Facility Compliance & Risk Assessments, and Building Systems Testing & Monitoring services, we guarantee your project will receive the utmost personal attention from start to finish because serving clients is our number one goal.


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