Vision, Mission, & Values


Mission & Core Values

At Synergy, our mission is simple: partner with our clients to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for people in their facilities. Sometimes this means helping define and achieve Owner Project Requirements. Other times it means helping our clients become energy-efficient, engineering system performance improvements or becoming proactive using through the implementation of fault detection diagnostics and data analytics. No matter what our client’s goals are, we will always help achieve them.

We do this by bringing together a diverse team of experts that can step in at any stage of a project from the design phase to facility hand-off. As specialized leaders in building performance, we’re confident that we can integrate innovation, technology, and training to deliver complete solutions to our clients.


We’re also guided by our core values:

Core Value: CAMARADERIE - Encouraging teamwork by bringing strengths together through mutual trust, friendship, and fun among people who spend a lot of time together Core Value: COURAGEOUS - Seizing opportunity to challenge the status quo while being true to who we are and unifying others Core Value: GRIT - Looking past obstacles and persevering on the journey toward the goal Core Value: POSITIVE ATTITUDE - Communicating gratefulness, opportunity, and accomplishment. Core Value: SERVING - Putting the needs of our clients and team members above own with humility and care.