Building Information Modeling

A Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility; a systematic quality control process that ensures that all building systems are coordinated according to the design intent and the Owner´s operational needs. This is achieved by documenting the design intent and verifying the functionality of building systems as intended. When properly implemented, BIM can provide many benefits to a project.

The value of BIM has been illustrated through well planned projects which yield increased design quality through effective analysis. Synergy´s team of BIM Engineers captures and analyzes early concepts and then better maintain design coordination between disciplines through documentation and construction. At the end of the construction phase, data and information links of the major building systems can provide valuable information for asset management, space planning, maintenance scheduling and much more to improve the overall performance of the facility or a portfolio of facilities. From the building owners who implement BIM, many will tell you a model is worth a thousand drawings.

Synergy’s BIM Capabilities

  • Engineering-Based BIM MEP Design in Revit
  • BIM Coordination
  • BIM Management
  • BIM Model Audit
  • BIM Standards
  • BIM Levels 1-5
  • BIM to Fabrication
  • BIM to Facilities Management
  • BIM Training (basics to advanced)


BIM for Construction

3rd party Building Information Modeling Consulting/Coordination  For CM´s and MEP Trade Contractors, Synergy provides BIM support services from building systems modeling to full BIM Coordination which includes all Levels of Development 100-500.

Maximize ROI. As engineers, we are better able to identify issues with the design as the model is taking form. With all projects, there are design flaws that go well beyond clash detection; experienced engineers can often identify these issues bringing significant added value.

As MEP Design Engineers, Synergy is 100% 3D Based meaning all our workstations are equipped with REVIT and Navis Works. This is our design platform.

We embrace BIM for the clear advantages it provides in both new construction and renovation. BIM significantly improves design documentation through coordination and interface across disciplines. When implemented early, BIM provides the means to understand project and program requirements to visualize, test, and evaluate designs ultimately improving construction outcomes.

The direct owner benefits of improved project coordination and communication, schedule control, and fewer change orders and RFI´s will most often offset the cost of implementing BIM on any given project. More complicated healthcare facilities typically experience a higher return on BIM investment.

Building Information Modeling Benefits

  • Outstanding Visual Communication / Accurate Construction Documents
  • Improved communication between all parties in the design and construction process
  • Improved collective understanding of design intent
  • Reduced number of field coordination problems
  • Improved budgeting and cost estimating
  • Reduced construction costs
  • Avoid rework/changes Clash Detection
  • Reduced conflicts during construction
  • Improved Fabrication
  • Safer work sites
  • Reduced number and need for information requests
  • Improved scheduling capabilities
  • Improved overall project quality


BIM for Fabrication

Through Synergy, Building Information Modeling for Fabrication is available to any size trade contractors. The time savings, cost reductions and material waste management are all optimized and easily calculated to validate and document savings. Traditional on site fabrication becomes on site assembly of pre engineered systems that arrive on site as needed based on the installation schedule.

Synergy utilizes TSI SysQue Software to incorporate real life fittings, accessories and hangars from the most comprehensive library of Revit Families. SysQue allows any contractor to connect your 3D model directly to an array of CNC and Spooling equipment. This process reduces the amount of duplication of efforts bypassing traditional channels.


  • Improved Competitive Advantage
  • Just in time delivery
  • Accurate location of Hangars via Trimble Unit or Dimension Documents
  • Waste Reduction
  • Reduced Labor/Supervision
  • Enhanced Schedule
  • Improved Budgeting
  • Reduced Inventory Requirements/Enhanced Management
  • Enhanced Coordination between Trades


BIM for Facilities

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an essential tool in support of an integrated building life cycle management process. When implemented properly, your information model can serve as the central hub for systems management integrating FM Software, CMMS Systems, and BAS Systems. For many facilities and campuses; the duplication of efforts across multiple platforms creates challenges that often result in inefficient time and asset management. BIM provides the base platform for a single point of entry and management for all your automated systems. It is an effective dynamic integration of the Information across multiple facility management systems. Synergy provides the support services to help you integrate your systems and the training to effectively take full advantage of your BIM model.

As an Asset Management tool, BIM is information modeling with or without the 3 dimensional model of the building and systems. Existing systems can be modeled with the same standards and requirements of new construction and again managed from a single platform.