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Synergy´s Architectural Engineering Group provides complete solutions that maximize building performance and reduce demand on natural resources through sustainable, efficient systems operation. Our whole systems approach to peak building performance is accomplished by applying the latest in building science, systems technology, performance data analysis, alternative energy, and post-project performance tracking. Our focus on systems efficiency increases building value, improves comfort and safety, ensures building functionality, and extends equipment service life. Net result: long-term cost savings and less impact on the environment.

More Innovation, Fewer Change Orders

Since 2005, we´ve partnered with owners and operators of public-and private-sector Healthcare Facilities, Research Laboratories, and Educational Institutions who need to upgrade aging and overextended equipment or build new cost-saving and energy-efficient alternatives. Our expertise lies in analyzing building performance data, identifying building system issues, recommending effective performance improvements, setting energy efficiency targets, and tracking post retrofit performance. Our web-based tools will streamline every aspect of your project by providing coordinated systems and flows of information that can be easily shared among team members, as well as with other architects and engineers at any time, from wherever they are.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is Essential

Creating a BIM Execution Plan early in the design of a new construction or renovation project ensures that all members of the team understand and are measured against the project´s goals. Integrating BIM streamlines design, cost estimating, system fabrication and construction schedules. Our team leverages this cutting-edge technology in conjunction with custom building performance analysis software to drive efficiency and deliver data-driven metrics. Revit MEP is a platform we employ to create a 3D modeling environment that simplifies design decision-making and produces coordinated and accurate design documentation that help you create, test, and evaluate designs long before contractors even break ground. With BIM, cost reductions, time savings, and material waste management are all optimized and easily calculated to validate and document savings.


Synergy´s Full-Service Solutions include:


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All our services begin with understanding what your true goals are, then we help coach or train key players in areas they haven´t been exposed to. From strategic Facility Planning Standards & Training to Architectural Engineering, Facility Performance EngineeringFacility Compliance & Risk Assessments, and Building Systems Testing & Monitoring services, we guarantee your project will receive the utmost personal attention from start to finish, because serving clients is our number one goal.


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Our powerful combination of people, technology, services, and metrics drive high-performance buildings. As your Strategic Partner in exceptional facility performance, we´ll deliver intelligent, healthy facilities that exceed your expectations. CONTACT US TODAY.

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